Sirius Publishing

The Sirius Publishing Company, created by Justin Bullock in July 2022, is celebrating the release of its first book, Lo Wainwright: The Last Homo Superior, on October 30th, 2022. With its publication of this book, Sirius launches its exploration into speculative science fiction and the gathering of minds, machines, humans, superhumans, and cyborgs.

The company’s name is a triple tribute: (1) to Olaf Stapledon’s book Sirius, in which the eponymous genetically-enhanced dog navigates humanity in a time of violence and war; (2) to Sirius Black, the complicated but all-sacrificing Harry Potter character, whose
animagus was a black dog; and (3) to dogs as a species, with their enduring value to humanity, love, and exploration.

Along with the launch of Lo Wainwright: The Last Homo Superior, Sirius Publishing plans to publish special editions of the works of Olaf Stapledon, including Odd John, Sirius, First and Last Men, and Starmaker, among others.