Justin Bullock

Dr. Justin Bullock is an Associate Professor Affiliate of Governance at the Evans School of Governance at the University of Washington. Dr. Bullock is a world-renowned scholar of Governance, public administration, decision-making, artificial intelligence, and technology’s impact on society. He found inspiration from early speculative and science fiction before writing his first science fiction book, Lo Wainwright: The Last Homo Superior. Dr. Bullock is currently writing a blog sequence titled “How Humanity Lost Control and Humans Lost Liberty: From Our Brave New World to Analogia” for the LessWrong forum. Dr. Bullock is also currently wrapping up his work as lead editor for The Oxford Handbook of AI Governance His stories, blogs, and academic work explore the intersections of biological life, technology, hybrids, intelligence, and philosophy. Dr. Bullock resides in Seattle, Washington, with his lovely wife, Maria Guzman, their newborn son Tomás, and their two Boston terriers, Clementine and Hughie.